A Little Nutty

Peanut Butter was a guy
Who never compromised,
For surely, he thought,
Nobody is nuttier than I.

As king of all the nuts
You’d find him almost anywhere –
Sometimes lurking in your fridge
Or nibbling on your hair.

“Oh, that’s your fault,” he’d quickly say
If ever he was caught,
“Your fridge seemed rather lonely,” or
“Your hair was in a knot.”

And then he’d blob his way along
In peanut butter style
With sticky satisfaction
At his buttered use of guile.

He ate his peanuts every day
To keep him nice and strong,
And blobbing back and forth real slow,
You’d hear him sing this song:

Peanut Butter is the best!
I dare you to defy
That there is anybody who
Is nuttier than I.”

And as he sang his nutty song,
He saw a girl named Jelly
Whose blush made all the nuts whirl round
Inside his peanut belly.

And though she saw him coming from
Almost a mile away,
She let him come and take her hand
In globbish disarray.

Peanut Butter is the best
Is what I used to think,
But the two of us together
Would be deliciously in sync.
So take my peanut butter hand
And be my Queen of Jelly,
And I will always keep you warm
With all my peanut belly.”

© Sonya Annita Song

Disclaimer:  No actual nuts were used in the creation of this poem.

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