Swirling Mad

Upon once a time,
There lived a young girl
Who loved above all
To swirl and to twirl.
It seemed a bit strange,
She’d swirl when she woke,
While brushing her teeth,
And twirl when she spoke.
In class at her school,
She’d swirl in her chair
While twirling her pencil
In swirls in her hair.
Her parents at home
Said, “Stop this at once.
Our heads won’t stop swirling
From all of your stunts.”
But she didn’t hear
A word that they said,
Too busy twirling
Her thoughts in her head.
They sighed with a shrug,
What else could they do?
This was the first case
Of such that they knew.
The one silver lining
For which they were glad –
She, unlike their son,
Didn’t hop away mad.

© Sonya Annita Song