My life has been a series of interesting challenges that has shaped my values and views on life. Due to a rare autoimmune disorder that suddenly appeared after a trip to the Dominican, I lost the ability to perform many activities of daily living and was hospitalized for several months at the age of 26. After attempting many different treatments, I finally went into remission and have been in remission for over 10 years (knock on wood). From this experience, I have gained many valuable insights and a profound appreciation for the simple joys in life.

Writing has been a different kind of challenge for me, stemming from a strong desire to inspire and share my vision with others. As a writer, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that someone has read and enjoyed my humble words.

My decision to become a children’s author was largely influenced by my husband’s experiences as a child. Easily distracted, he often tells me how he didn’t like reading in elementary school because he couldn’t find books that could sustain his interest. My books keep children like him in mind, children who are easily distracted but with incredible potential, focusing on captivating a child’s imagination and curiosity with enchanting illustrations and compelling stories.

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