Sonya Annita Song was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on July 7, 1980. Her parents moved to Edmonton, Alberta shortly after, and she has lived there ever since. Her ethnic background is South Korean.

Sonya has two sisters, one older and one younger. Her childhood is full of happy memories of reading, biking, and playing video games. In the summer, Sonya loved to go to the library and take out shopping bags full of books to bring home and read.

After a trip to the Dominican in her mid-twenties, Sonya acquired a rare autoimmune disorder. It was a debilitating disease that greatly restricted her freedom of movement. She was hospitalized for several months and underwent many different treatments before her condition finally improved. Thankfully, she had many books to keep her company during this time. This experience has solidified her belief that reading is one of the simplest and most incredible joys in life as it can take you to places far beyond your own imagination, freeing your mind well beyond its limits.

From a reader to a writer, Sonya has written poetry on and off for many years but finally decided to turn her passion into a career. She published her first children’s book in January of 2019, and since then, she has released seven more titles for a total of eight original works. Sonya maintains creative control over the entire process through her publishing company, Chinchilla Books.

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