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Sonya Song, rhyming books

By Sonya Annita Song (Author), Kate Fallahee (Illustrator)
Sonya Song, picture books, children’s books
I Want an Ostrich,” is a rhyming picture book available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, and other online retailers.  With colorful illustrations to match a whimsical rhyming story, this picture book will undoubtedly bring smiles to both children and adults.
Sonya Song, picture books, children’s books
Official Description:
“A charming book about a boy wanting an ostrich narrated in fun rhyming verses with eye-catching illustrations.  The author collaborated closely with the illustrator to elevate simple rhymes into engaging scenes designed to captivate and encourage curiosity and exploration.”

Recommended Age Range:
For children ages 2 to 5 years old.

Reviewed By Gail Kamer for Readers’ Favorite (5/5)
So, what do you think I want after reading I Want an Ostrich by Sonya Annita Song? Yep, an ostrich. The main character shares the reasons why he should have an ostrich. Of course, he could ride the ostrich to school instead of taking the bus. He knows just what to feed his pet ostrich, too. He’d have all kinds of fun teaching the ostrich games. Did you know an ostrich can be useful? The main character does. However, there’s one thing the ostrich can’t do that the main character would like it to do. Maybe one day there will be a solution for that too.

I absolutely loved I Want an Ostrich by Sonya Annita Song. The rhythmic writing makes it a great read aloud story. The story line and illustrations provide great connections for children. The topic of wanting a pet is perfect for the intended audience. Illustrations are by Kate Fallahee and add so much more fun and detail to the story. I can see I Want an Ostrich being a great resource in a school setting as often one of the persuasive writing lessons winds up being a child’s plea for a pet. I learned many facts about an ostrich I didn’t know and it was done in such a way that I will remember them. Sonya Annita Song and Kate Fallahee have done an amazing job of presenting this topic with a new flair. Congratulations. I highly recommend I Want an Ostrich by Sonya Annita Song as a must-read book for young children.


Note: Sonya Song, rhyming books
The coloring book version of this book is also available for children who like to color.

Here’s a peek into the current book:Children's Rhyming Picture BooksChildren's Rhyming Picture Booksiwao pages 5-6Children's Rhyming Picture Books

children’s books, picture books
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Kindle $3.95
Paperback $7.95
Hardcover $14.55
Coloring Book $5.55

Barnes & Noble:
Paperback $7.95
Hardcover $14.55

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Ebook $3.99
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Hardcover £11.25
Coloring Book £4.32
Kindle $5.59
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Hardcover $24.15
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Kindle $5.36
Paperback $10.84
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Coloring Book $7.34
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Hardcover $20.50
Kindle EUR 3,48
Paperback EUR 7,32
Hardcover EUR 13,38
Kindle ₹ 277.00
Kindle EUR 3,48
Paperback EUR 7,42
Hardcover EUR 13,58
Coloring Book EUR 5,20
Sonya Annita Song, children’s books, picture books
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This is an example of what the coloring book pages will look like:Children's Rhyming Picture Books

Children’s Rhyming Picture Books

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Children's Rhyming Picture Books

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