School Visits

I would love to visit your school to share with the students, teachers and parents my process of creating picture books. Students will learn firsthand how books are written and illustrated through collaboration and clear communication and will be inspired to create their own stories and books!

School and Library Visits

School presentations use PowerPoint to illustrate the process of creating a picture book and include reading of several books, as well as time for questions. The content is flexible and can be adapted to suit audience age or interests. Parents and caregivers are welcome.

I am available for single, half-day (two presentations) or full-day visits (three presentations), as well as public library events. GST/HST and travel expenses are in addition to all fees.

Contact me at for more details or to book a visit.

Age Groups

Grades 1-6: Presentations are 40-50 minutes, including time for questions and answers.

Kindergarten: Presentations are 20-30 minutes. Small groups (30-40) are best. During a full day visit, short informal drop-in readings in the kindergarten classrooms can be scheduled around the larger group sessions to better suit this very young audience.

Audience Size

As many as can comfortably sit, see and hear the presentation. Smaller groups in a library setting offer a more personal experience, but large groups in gyms and auditoriums allow more children to experience the presentation.

Required Equipment

I bring the presentation on a USB key and require a computer, projector and screen, as well as a table to display books. A microphone is recommended for large groups.

Preparation for the Visit

Students who are familiar with one or more of my books will get the most out of the presentation.

Book Signing

I am always happy to sign books! A book sale can help to make the day of the visit even more memorable for the children. A book order form will be provided to the school.