School Visits

Sonya would be delighted to visit your school to share her books and approach to creating picture books with the students, teachers, and parents. Students will learn firsthand how books are written and illustrated and will be inspired to create their own stories and books!

School and Library Visits

School presentations use PowerPoint to illustrate the steps in creating a picture book and include the reading of several books, as well as time for questions. There are three different presentation options to offer diversified content for students and teachers. Parents and caregivers are welcome.

Sonya is available for half-day (two presentations) or full-day visits (three presentations), as well as public library events.

Contact Sonya at or for more details or to book a visit.

Age Groups

Grades pre-K to 1: Presentations are 30-45 minutes. Small groups (30-40) are best. During a full day visit, short informal drop-in readings in the kindergarten classrooms can be scheduled around the larger group sessions to better suit this very young audience.

Grades 2 to 6: Presentations are 45-60 minutes, including time for questions and answers.

Audience Size

Each presentation can be given to a classroom-sized audience (roughly 30 students) or to large groups (100 or more). Smaller groups in a library setting offer a more personal experience. Larger groups can be accommodated in the school’s media center, gym, or community room (or library if size allows).

Presentation Options

From Idea to Book
An idea is the spark that begins the process of writing a book. But how do ideas find us? And when they do, what comes next? Sonya takes students on a “behind-the-scenes” journey into her process of creating books. Her presentation includes the reading of two to three titles. She can also work together with the school and teachers to come up with a presentation that will address learning objectives in an entertaining and educational fashion.

Poetry Workshop
(~30 students per session)
Students will listen to original poetry and learn about the basic building blocks of poetry in this fun, interactive workshop. Sonya uses her own poems to help illustrate poetic and literary devices, such as alliteration, personification, rhythm and rhyme, metaphor and simile, and onomatopoeia.

Kids Take Control
This is an informal Q&A session in which the students prepare a series of questions on any topic of interest. This style of presentation works best when students have read one or more of the author’s books and have guidance from teachers and/or librarians.

Required Equipment

Sonya brings the presentation on a USB key and require a projector and screen, as well as a table to display books. A microphone is recommended for large groups.

Preparation for the Visit

The success of an author visit depends on how well the students are prepared. Familiarity with the books generates excitement and invites student participation during the presentation. In other words, when the students know the books, they will be excited to meet the author. The visit organizer/coordinator (whether PTA or school staff member) should work with the librarian, reading teacher, and classroom teachers to introduce the students to my books well before the visit.

Book Signing

Sonya is always happy to sign books! A book sale can help to make the day of the visit even more memorable for the students, and all books will be offered at a special discounted price. A book order form will be provided to the school a few weeks in advance.

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